Why Veol Medical Technologies?

We are highly competent and have always worked out a win-win situation for our clients.

We offer our clients

Cost Leadership

We place you in a superior cost position by offering services that allow you the opportunity to either significantly reduce your overall R&D costs or, perhaps even more importantly, increase the number of projects in your R&D pipeline.

Multiple options are considered in order to yield the most cost-effective approach that will provide the highest-quality product to meet or exceed your requirements.

Quality & Innovation

Veol Medical Technologies is certified to ISO 13485 - this assures that you are receiving standardized quality products. Our design and development procedures comply with ISO 14971 standards for Risk Management.

We offer quality which is at par with US FDA QSR & CE requirements and trust worthy.

Our team members continually bring innovative cutting edge technologies to a platform where they are not only effective but are crafted to meet or exceed your requirements.

Timeliness :

Our experienced human resource coordinates with each other to deliver you the right product at the right time. Our track record talks about the strict timelines achieved in the past, and we strive to do so in future.


Any intellectual property involved or developed belongs to you. We assure you complete confidentiality, and no data is shared with any third party. We strive to safeguard the interests of our clients.


Our presence in North America and quick replies to all your queries is a sign of our responsiveness towards our clients.

Partner with us to explore a whole new world of possibilities...