'Maximizing all resources available to achieve both paradigm changing innovation and built in quality in product design', is our core value and will always remain at the heart of our service offerings.

In our experience, there are three critical aspects of successful medical device development :

  • The product development process is conducted in a seamless manner from start to finish; achieving continuity of thought and output.
  • A comprehensive understanding of the requirements of the medical market is critical to the success of the product.
  • The input and requirements of ALL users and interested parties is considered and must be designed into the product from the outset.

From concept generation to commercial launch of the device, we take into account the requirements of all users, including doctors and patients. We also design products with a consideration toward the appropriate medical grade materials and most efficient manufacturing practices and processes.

As we carry the ISO 13485 certification, it is also our responsibility to design products that meet the requirements of the appropriate regulatory and statutory bodies, ensuring compliance throughout the development life cycle.

Previously, he worked with Johnson & Johnson Medical, where he has helped establish and grow the Asia Pacific R&D center for medical device development. He has filed and has been granted several patents.

Possessing a critical understanding of each of the elements above makes us unique in the value we provide to our clients.

Our specific services range from Concept generation to Clinical trials, making us your one source for complete medical devices development.

Services include :

Concept Generation

Concept Generation

Embedded System Design


Product Development

Pilot Manufacturing

Product & Process Verification

Clinical Study Management

Clinical Literature Search and Review Services

IP Management