Our Profile

Veol Medical Technologies (Formerly known as Veol Labs) is a contract product development company, focused exclusively on medical devices. The company was formed with a purpose of providing quality medical devices development services that would (i) provide our clients with superior but cost effective medical device expertise & (ii) partner with our clients to improve the lives of the people who would be using their products.

We realize that ultimately our services result in providing patients with superior healthcare solutions and therefore we are determined to take every step required to develop products which are safe and effective. We rely on continuous feedback from all stake holders, allowing us to maximize our creativity, technology and delivery standards.

Principles and supporting behavior that flow from our purpose

  • We seek to excel at everything we choose to do.
  • Innovation would remain the cornerstone of our success.
  • The interests of the clients, the end users and that of our company are inseparable.

Our service offerings are based on the concept that quality and cost need not be directly proportional to each other. Hence 'continuing to improve our value proposition to our clients, while providing significant cost savings'; remains our core competency.

Our People

Our people are the most important asset of our company. Our team comprises world class professionals who are specialists in the Contract Design, Development, Validation and Manufacture of Class II and Class III therapeutic, diagnostic and surgical devices.

On a corporate level, we believe that it is important to develop and support a diverse workplace, and as a result we recruit people from different geographical locations, language and experience. We understand and value the unique differences required to create team synergy.

Individually, we choose the best people in the industry and provide them with comprehensive training and a work environment conducive to learning and growth, both professional and personal. We fully support and encourage individual development of our diversified team of Mechanical, Electrical, and Embedded Design engineers.

Our approach has led to the development of a dedicated, capable and involved team, providing experience, depth, flexibility and adaptability to our organization and ultimately, accountability to the client.


Our People

We offer you expertise in various areas of medical product development services, including but not limited to