Client Testimonials


"From my interaction with Veol Med Tech so far, I can recommend the company and its services highly. I encountered very educated competent and trustworthy business partners, very flexible and customer friendly responses, quick turnaround times and last not least very competitive prices."

Reinhard Jurascheck - Ph.D

Director R&D, Ethicon Inc


I have worked with the engineers and staff at Veol Med Tech for well over two years now on projects involving device development and innovation and have been extremely happy with this collaboration. Mangesh Patankar and the staff at Veol Med Tech have demonstrated perfect professionalism and have been very responsive to the needs of the projects, having really gone above and beyond what would be expected of them. For example, they have suggested several innovative solutions to problems that came up during the device development, that have subsequently been incorporated into the design of the device. I recommend their services highly without reservation.

Jon Ivar Einarsson - MD MPH

Division Chief

Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery, Harvard Medical School

"Veol Med Tech has been a wonderful partner, assisting me and my staff with literature searches, literature reviews and the preparation of Clinical Evaluation Reports. They are efficient, accommodating and fairly priced. One of the things I especially appreciate is that they respond to feedback and have learned to adapt to my style of report preparation. I would recommend them highly."

Martin Weisberg - M.D

Medical Director, Ethicon Inc


"Veol has been doing things exactly and at times even better than what my team would have done if only they had time and resources. They are not just a service providers but true partners in product development."

Alfred Coan - Sr. Project Manager

Surgical Division

NE based Large Medical Device company