Case Studies

We have worked with many of the world's leading medical device companies from US, Europe and India. We are also proud to have worked with many finest innovators, whose product concepts are rapidly changing the rules of patient care and treatment modalities.

We have taken 'user needs' right up to 'market reality'. Though we have worked on several products, here are some non-confidential case studies of the projects which we had undertaken:

Project Examples :

Nanyx : Stress urinary incontinence (SUI) is the loss of small amounts of urine associated with coughing, laughing, sneezing, exercising, lifting heavy weights or any other movements that increases intra-abdominal pressure and thus increases pressure on the bladder. The innovative product, which we developed for our client, can be implanted with minimum discomfort to the patients. The unique characteristic of this device is the small size of the mesh and the ability to adjust post-operative sling tension after the surgery and has the potential of becoming a true office based procedure.

Suture-Clip - Advance Suturing Solution : A unique and novel stapling device, invented by a leading cosmetic surgeon Dr. Paul Rosenberg, for assisting in demanding areas such as abdominoplasty, was developed. The device makes fascial closure simple, easy, effective and saves significant surgical time. Further, there is no palpable 'knot' under the skin, which actually makes it better than traditional suturing.

Mispa - Biochemistry analyzer : The IVD was developed for a leading company in diagnostic industry. It has analysis capability of about 26 types of proteins. Some of the reagents are ASO / CRP / RF / HbA1C / Microalbumin / Cystatin - C / IgE / Ferritin / Lp (a) / D-Dimer. lC card reader and barcode reader for the parameters is integrated in the design. It also has in-built QC storage facility for 1 month data for each parameters.


Versator - Patented Tissue Morcellator : A Patented tissue morcellation device is developed for Biomedicon Services, an emerging market specialist. The device is more powerful and efficient but cost effective compared to the other morcellation devices in the market. The device has touch interface, a 10 times reusable rotor cord and single use disposable handpiece.

RapidX : The equipment is designed for hair transplantation and client wanted different controls like lights, vacuum and pressure controls, micro motor and dispensing tray to be at the finger tips of the surgeon on a centralized console. In addition to this customer also needed the operation to be foot controlled. The entire device including market ready prototypes were developed at Veol. The GUI, which is very intuitive and classy, is the USP of the product.